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Inside Out & Back Again

Inside Out & Back Again - Thanhha Lai

My favourite character from the books is Ha. She is one of the few that witnessed a Vietnamese war. Her father was a soldier in the war. Sadly, her family had figured out that her father passed away when he was in the North Viatnamese hands. Her father was captured by them when she was one year old.Due to the war her home was no longer safe. In order to survive, she fled to the United States by a navy ship. She spent a few months in a refugee camp before moving out to Alabama. She was bullied in the first day of school and was struggling to protect herself from the bullies. She even named on of her bullies "Pink Boy".She also had to learn english. In the last few chapters of the book, it told us some of the english rules and pronunciation Ha was struggling with. She was able to overcome them with the help of her neighbor, Mrs Washington , and the help of Ha's family. This book also contained a lot of Vietnamese words. If u wan to find what the words means we had to translate it ourself. The book was well described and it was written in simple english. Hence people can understand it better. There are some good phrases that can be used for my essay or describing scenarios. So instead of a plain essay i can use some of the phrases in this book to help me describe a less interesting part of the essay.